Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS)

The Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS) was launched on October 29th 2019 based on the successful NUMSAS and DMIRS pilots. Some Cambridgeshire and Peterborough pharmacies were part of the NUMSAS pilot. The service refers patients from 111 and 111 online in to community pharmacy. From 1st November 2020 GP practices are able to refer to pharmacies. The LPC are working with the local teams and we will update you as our local GP practices go live with the service.

If you have any questions or need any support call us on 07891 542878 or 07432 421630 or email

Service Specification

You can access the CPCS service spec on the NHSBSA website


There is no mandatory training required to deliver this service.

The necessary knowledge and skills to provide the service are core competencies for all pharmacists, but pharmacists will want to ensure that they:
a. have an up to date understanding of the Human Medicines Regulations (HMR) in relation to the emergency supply of Prescription Only Medicines (POM);
b. are able to communicate with and advise patients appropriately and effectively on low acuity conditions;
c. are able to assess the clinical needs of patients, including the identification of Red Flags (which are detailed in NICE Clinical Knowledge Summaries);
d. are able to act on the referrals received and make appropriate referrals to other NHS services and healthcare professionals; and
e. are able to explain the service to patients and carers.

Service Contacts

The NHS England (NHSE) East team have now confirmed the contact details that are required to complete Annex C (key contact details). A completed Annex C was sent to all pharmacies in our area on 28/10/19 via their NHS shared email boxes. If for any reason you don’t have the annex C details please contact our secretary on 07891 542878 or 

We are unable to share the details here as some of the contact numbers are not for general public use.


All claims for the CPCS service must be through the NHSBSA MYS app. To ensure prompt payment you should review, edit if required and submit the claim for each month as early as possible after the end of the month. You can make a claim up to six months after the provision of the service.

All consultations must be completed using an IT platform. From April 2020 you are required by the service specification to have access to this IT platform in the consultation room, and make the record during the patient consultation. NHSE are currently funding the use of PharmOutcomes for pharmacies in our area to receive referrals and complete the consultation with patients.

From April 2021 contractors will be required to fund the CPCS IT system for their pharmacies.

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