Get your free NHS flu jab in your local pharmacy!

Patients in Cambridgeshire, aged between 17-65, who are entitled to a free flu jab will, this year, be able to go to their local community pharmacy to get the essential vaccine.

NHS East of England has contracted with pharmacists to provide free flu vaccines alongside GP surgeries, to give wider choice to eligible patients.

Community pharmacies are located in convenient locations such as village centres, the High Street or out of town retail parks and are typically open six or seven days a week. This will allow patients more flexibility when it comes to booking their jab.

Jody Butler, Chair of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough LPC who secured the contract said; “We have launched the flu vaccination campaign with participating pharmacists across Cambridgeshire to give the free flu vaccine to those identified by the NHS as at risk and aged between 17-65 years. The scheme will also cover pregnant women and carers.

“This is the first time the scheme has been offered for the entire flu season in our area. We are confident that, along with the existing service offered by GPs, more flexibility and choice will be given to patients who are in need of a flu vaccination.

Last year in the Cambridge area only 47.9%* of people who were eligible for the service had their vaccination meaning 33,307* people were not vaccinated. In Peterborough 50.2%* had the jab, leaving 9,717* people not vaccinated. The national target is to vaccinate 75% of people.

*Anglian Region Influenza vaccination uptake figures 2012-13: Source- Provisional GP Data, DH ImmForm website.

A list of the Cambridgeshire pharmacies who are offering the service is available here:

Where to get your flu jab