On this page you will find information on research opportunities and how you can get involved.

Current studies

Diamonds Programme

The Diamonds programme is looking for patients with severe mental illness and diabetes. If you would like a copy of the poster to advertise this study or have any questions contact Clare Daly –  

Parkinson's Study

The University of Birmingham is carrying out research on Parkinson’s disease. The research will allow them to learn more about how impulse control is affected in Parkinson’s, by measuring brain activity during a simple task involving finger movements, using non-invasive brain stimulation and recording techniques . In the long term, they hope this information will help them to better predict individuals with a higher risk of developing an impulse control disorder.  They are seeking individuals with Parkinson’s disease who are either: i) not yet taking medication OR ii) taking ropinirole as part of their medications.

Parkinson’s Study information

If you would like a colour copy of the poster to display in your pharmacy contact

Poppy Study

University of Cambridge researchers at Addenbrooke’s Hospital are looking for volunteers who are planning their first pregnancy, to take part in a new study focussing on pregnancy and women’s long-term health (the POPPY study).
The POPPY study aims to understand why some women develop pre-eclampsia and other placental complications and why these conditions have an adverse effect on women’s future heart health.
If you are aged 18-45 years and are planning your first pregnancy, you may be eligible to participate. We are also looking for similar aged volunteers who are not actively planning a pregnancy, for a control group.
Reimbursement is provided for time, inconvenience and travel.
To find out more, please visit the POPPY study website or contact the POPPY study team on

If you would like a copy of the poster to advertise this study in your pharmacy contact Clare Daly –

If you have a digital screen in your pharmacy you can use these animations

Engaging with Research in Your Community Pharmacy