Covid-19 support and guidance

We are very aware that the information coming out of national organisations is constantly changing and front-line staff will struggle to know how to apply it. The sections below will help you to find the key guidance and interpret it for your business. This section will be constantly updated as new guidance is issued.

Protecting the pharmacy team

Resilience Guidance

PSNC, working closely with NPA, CCA and AIM, has published guidance to help support and maintain the community pharmacy network during the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

These are unprecedented times and exceptional measures may be required to ensure patient and public safety, as well as the safety and welfare of the pharmacy team. The joint guidance therefore considers the support needed for pharmacy staff to stay well at work, in the context of opening hours, during what are likely to be increasingly difficult and stressful times.

The guidance addresses three aspects of an NHS pharmacy’s terms of service – opening hours, responsible pharmacist and unplanned (emergency) closures – with advice given on how best to address each going forwards.

Find the guidance on this new network resilience page.

NHS SOP and Letters to Pharmacy
Information materials

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Domestic abuse – 1 May
Boots and a charity have launched an initiative that offers “space” for victims of domestic abuse.
As part of safe guarding please ensure all the pharmacy teams are aware of the contact numbers of local referral services.

You may fine these posters and e learning course useful.

Domestic abuse – how pharmacies can help

Opening Hours and Pharmacy Closures

Pharmacy Closures

It is increasingly likely that we may see unplanned or even planned closures of pharmacies for a range of periods in the coming days and weeks. Clearly this should and will be as a last resort.

We would remind you of the contractual requirement to notify NHSE&I of any closures or reduction in opening hours immediately. As well as this being a  contractual requirement, this is needed to facilitate the mapping of the impact of the COVID-19 situation and the wider coordination of support.

The relevant forms for notification can be found here:

This should be emailed to: For planned closures, you should make every attempt to discuss the situation with NHSE&I in advance, emailing them at the above address and requesting a call. However, if you have made the necessary notification and you need to close the pharmacy to maintain staff or customer safety, this is a professional decision and we will support you.

We have discussed the need for pragmatism from all parties in these discussions, fully understanding the unprecedented challenges our pharmacies are facing, and the magnificent job you are all doing.

Funding and new services

Pandemic Delivery Service:

Details of local support for patients:

Cambridgeshire – Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Community support – Cambridgeshire County Council (also includes links to District Council hubs)

You may be aware of other local volunteer groups, you should use your professional judgement to decide if you wish to engage with these groups.

Other useful information

Dental Prescribing.

National SOP for dental prescribing –

200330 Dental Standard Operating Procedure re COVID19 EoE v434161

The locally agreed procedure for getting prescriptions to pharmacies is slightly different and can be seen below.

dental prescribing flowchart (3)

Delivery Driver Training – 3 April

A free short training course has been designed by Buttercups Training for those who may be required to help with the delivery of medicines to patients. Content includes an overview of COVID-19 with its symptoms, storage of medicines in transit, vehicle security, safe delivery and dealing with undelivered medicines. The short course is available from the Buttercups website.