Smoking cessation

In Cambridgeshire you can offer a full Smoking Cessation service with pharmacy staff trained as advisors and/or you can offer the NRT voucher Scheme.

Smoking Cessation services are commissioned by Cambridgeshire County Council. From April 2019 if you wish to deliver these services in Cambridgeshire you must sign the contract and register to provide the services via the councils Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS). The DPS page of our website has further details.

Service Specification & Contract Details

Training Requirements

Smoking Cessation:

Attendance at stop smoking training provided by Specialist Smoking Cessation Leads. A minimum of one pharmacist and one other staff member must attend training to become an accredited pharmacy.

Once trained advisors must complete an annual update session to remain accredited. It is your responsibility to check when your annual training is due.

You can view upcoming training events and book your place using the link below.

Completion of the ‘Core Competencies in Helping People Stop Smoking’ online training via the National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training website –


NRT Voucher Scheme:

Attendance at  Cambridgeshire organised Smoking Cessation training by all staff involved in providing the service.

Service Contacts

For contractual queries –  Lisa Smith, Commissioning Team Manager, Lifestyles and Primary Care –

Healthy You professional contact –


All services are claimed via PharmOutcomes . If you are offering these services and they are not listed in your PharmOutcomes list of services contact our support officer – or 07432 421630

From 2nd September 2019 Camquit will only be issuing electronic voucher codes. Access to PharmOutcomes will be required to view the products the client requires. It is important that all staff are aware of this change and can access PharmOutcomes.

Click the link below to see how the electronic voucher codes will be presented to you. Clients receiving telephone support may receive their codes via text message.

Camquit electronic NRT voucher

Quick guides to recording Smoking Cessation and NRT vouchers on PharmOutcomes

NRT Voucher instructions

Log on and Register Patient

Weekly Sessions

Quit Outcome

Useful Links and Documents

To reorder mouth pieces and plastic D pieces contact Intermedical on or 01732 522 444
As per the service specification pharmacies must pay for these consumables, the cost is £18 for 250 mouth pieces and £27.50 for 12 D pieces.

As well as the required initial training module the National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training has additional e-learning available on the website – NCSCT website

Healthy You also offer smoking cessation services in Cambridgeshire:

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