Clinical waste collection

These services are commissioned by the District Council’s. Each District Council has selected which pharmacies they wish to deliver the service and you can find this information on their websites (see useful links). If you are not providing this service in your pharmacy please signpost patients appropriately.

Contract and Service Specification
Training Requirements

The Pharmacy Contractor has a duty to ensure that pharmacists and staff involved in the provision of the service have relevant knowledge and are appropriately trained in the operation of the Services.  This training must be recorded and updated annually. Evidence is to be recorded.

All Pharmacy Contractor staff will have read and signed the SOP, and reviewed annually.

All Pharmacy Contractor staff will have signed the needle stick injury policy, and reviewed annually.

Service Contacts

East Cambs –

Fenland :

To arrange a new bin or collection of a full bin contact

For other queries contact –

Huntingdonshire –¬†

South Cambridgeshire and Cambridge


You must submit an invoice annually to the relevant District Council (see service contacts for details) this is in addition to the monthly Pharmacy Record form, just submitting the Record form will not generate a payment. Below is a pro forma invoice you may find useful.

INVOICE for Disposal of Clinical Sharps Service

INVOICE for Disposal of Clinical Sharps Service PDF

Pharmacies should check their copy of the contract for the relevant dates.

Useful Links and Documents