Stepping into my shoes

The Cambridgeshire & Peterborough STP have developed a new initiative called ‘Stepping into my shoes’

The aim of this is match people from different areas of healthcare in Cambridgeshire such as pharmacy and GP practices and ask them to share their knowledge of working in their areas. By working together in this way it is hoped that a more integrated approach to working will be created.
It would be wonderful to have community pharmacists take part in the programme. A big part of the new five year pharmacy contract is to look for ways that we can make a contribution to the local health agenda by working more closely with our area PCNs – this would be a great way to do this.
Also by taking part in the ‘Stepping into my shoes’ initiative we can show our healthcare colleagues how pharmacy works and the array of services we offer. If you take part you will also benefit from gaining a wider knowledge of the local healthcare teams.
Taking part in this could also count towards your peer to peer discussion.
More information on the programme is here.

Please do consider joining.