Leo Pharma: Managing common skin conditions in primary care – My approach to treating acne, eczema and psoraisis

15th October 2020 19.15




19:15-19:20 Welcome & Introduction

19:20-19:30  Chair Rita Bali (LPC lead for Cambridgeshire)- Creating Pharmacist Networks

19:30-20:30 “Managing Common Skin Conditions in Primary Care – My Approach to Treating Acne, Eczema and Psoriasis”

Dr George Moncrieff, GPwER Clinical Lead for South Birmingham Dermatology Clinic

20:30-20:45  Questions and Close

To reserve your place at this meeting please email Parmdeep Sandhu at pksuk@leo-pharma.com or alternatively contact me on the following mobile number 07701339545