Anil Sharma contacts Cambs MPs over funding cuts

Anil Sharma, LPC committee member and the PSNC East Anglia Representative has today written to several of the regions MPs about the Government’s funding cuts to community pharmacy.

“As the representative of local community pharmacies we share the concerns of the national organisations and we do not understand how the proposals are compatible with the stated aims of the NHS and Government to provide higher quality and more accessible care for patients.”
“The minister’s proposals for changes to pharmacy’s role in urgent care do not go far enough and are a long way from the services we have been calling for to enable us to really improve care for patients in Cambridgeshire. The proposed cuts to community pharmacy funding are deeply concerning and will most likely lead to pharmacies in Cambridgeshire having to reduce staffing, cut opening hours and reduce the services offered. All of which will also of course add to the pressure already on GP practices and hospitals.”

You can view Anil’s letter in full here