Area Team make CPAF simpler for Cambridgeshire pharmacies

The East Anglia Area Team have secured a pilot place to complete the CPAF using the PharmOutcomes online reporting system. This should make the CPAF far simpler and easier to complete and for the Area Team to collate.  All Pharmacies have access to this system as part of their membership of the PSNC.

We  have been working with the Area Team to provide resources to support the CPAF process and documents to support this are available on this site.

When will this happen?

You will receive an email on or around 16 September 2013 to request completion of the latest edition of the CPAF. Contractors are to be given four weeks to complete and submit the data.  Pharmacies will be monitored to ensure that all sections are completed and submitted.

Support and feedback

We are working with the Area Team to try and ensure that the contract monitoring process adds value to the services you deliver. It is also an opportunity for you to undertake an internal review of your policies and procedures.

If there are areas of the CPAF form that you do not know or are unsure of please seek advice from us. We are are in communication with the Area Team and will then able to provide the necessary response provided the enquiry is received in good time. These enquiries and responses will then form the basis for Frequently Asked Questions communication that will be distributed to all contractors in the area to aid the contract monitoring process.

We have committed to work with the Area Team to try and establish a robust system for contract monitoring in 2014/5. In the meantime we recommend that you review the CPAF submission process on PharmOutcomes and start preparing for their completion.