MP Steve Barclay Learns about Medicines and More at Local Boots Pharmacy in March


This week is Ask Your Pharmacist Week (9-15 November 2015) and to celebrate pharmacists at Boots UK in March welcomed a visit from local MP Steve Barclay on Thursday, who was invited by the Cambridge and Peterborough Local Pharmacy Committee as part of a wide range of activities planned in the area. The visit aims to remind the public about the range of services available at the local community pharmacy, and to encourage people to make appropriate use of NHS services.  Often, unnecessary trips are made to the GP or even A&E, when the neighbourhood pharmacy could be of service.

Steve Barclay MP for Northeast Cambridgeshire comments:

“Community pharmacies are often unsung heroes, especially during the winter months. We are all aware of the health dangers the winter season can bring, especially for the vulnerable. Community pharmacies are effective in alleviating the pressures on local hospitals and doctors and maintain the same standard of care.

Ask Your Pharmacist week, organised by the National Pharmacy Association, has been fantastic at promoting the various services offered by pharmacies, from flu vaccinations to stopping smoking advice and support.

It is welcome that the Local Pharmaceutical Committee for Cambridge and Peterborough have participated in this campaign and are promoting the vital services available at pharmacies.”

Janine Copeland, Store Manager at Boots Riverside, March comments:

“Your local  pharmacy is a good first point of contact for advice on many common health concerns. While most people will go to their pharmacy for medicines advice, many people don’t know about the range of other healthcare services we offer on their doorstep. From flu vaccinations to travel vaccinations, we also offer an electronic prescription service, emergency contraception and a full NHS health check.”