National Audit

The topic of this year’s audit is ‘Community Pharmacy Provision of Emergency Supplies of Medicines at the Request of Patients’.

Completing the audit is a contractual requirement. Last year all Cambridgeshire and Peterborough pharmacies were compliant – let’s keep it that way this year!

NHS England is asking pharmacy contractors to undertake the audit in one of two defined two week periods. The AT and LPCs have agreed that in East Anglia if your ODS code last figure is even you will complete your audit from Monday 23 March to Sunday 5 April and if it is odd you take part from Monday 6 April to Sunday 19 April.

If as a multiple you have a group arrangement you will be informed of your audit period by your head office.

All the forms you will need to complete the audit can be found here. 

Once the audit data period is over, you should collate your results and submit these to NHS England’s online reporting system.

Should you need any assistance please contact the LPC or the PSNC.